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The Serra da Boa Viagem Forest Park constitutes the largest forest area next to the city of Figueira da Foz, representing, with its 400 hectares, not only an enormous landscape and environmental value, but also a leisure area that contributes to the quality of life of its users.

This park is served by several paved roads and by countless forested dirt paths, the most important of which is structural and structural, the road that goes from Cabo Mondego to Abrigo da Montanha and then accesses Bandeira, going down to Quiaios, through the Crossing the “Triangle”, either because it represents the road with the most traffic, or because it can mark a physical barrier that cuts through the Park in two areas.

The road network passable by light and heavy vehicles is about 26.57 km. To these paths are added about 8,000 m of others on dirt, whose floor only allows the circulation of off-road vehicles. It has numerous pedestrian paths, cycle paths, where the visitor will be able to observe a rich natural, archaeological and landscape heritage and varied equipment, the main ones being just over five minutes from the city center.

On its periphery are located, on the southern slope, several residential spaces, on its east side, the village of Serra da Boa Viagem, on the northern slope a forested area influenced by the villages of Quiaios and Praia de Quiaios and Murtinheira. Within the park itself are the guard houses, the chapel of Sto. Amaro, the Cabo Mondego Lighthouse and the Abrigo da Montanha building.

The highest elevation value is 261.88 m, at the geodesic vertex of Bandeira. The areas below 100 m are very small, representing about 6% of the Serra area. The overwhelming majority of the area is between 150 and 250 meters in altitude. Murtinheira. Within the park itself are the guard houses, the chapel of Sto. Amaro, the Cabo Mondego Lighthouse and the Abrigo da Montanha building.

The orography is quite complex, and the practically flat areas (slopes less than 4%) have reduced expression. Areas with a slope above 25% represent about 20% of the total.

Hydrography is characterized by the existence of numerous water lines, which only carry surface water in winter.

The Serra da Boa Viagem Forest Park has a variety of public use equipment, associated with sporting activities, informal recreation and environmental information (Playgrounds, Picnic Parks, Restaurant), constituting an area with enormous ecological value for those looking for a green space, with beautiful landscapes, to stroll, practice various outdoor sports, run, ride a bicycle, observe the flora and discover the fauna.

For all this, the Serra da Boa Viagem Forest Park awaits you.


Source: Câmara Municipal da Figueira da Foz